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lease carefully read the terms and conditions below, covering all aspects of Vietlanddiscovery Travel’s responsibility towards clients and clients’ responsibility toward us. By signing the contract, the traveler agrees that they have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions below.



All services provided by Vietlanddiscovery Travel are included in the travel program itinerary.

Where necessary, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is able to provide extra services to cater to individual traveler needs. These services may include; application for tourist visas for Vietnam, or at the request of the traveler, adaptation/alteration of program itineraries to suit the traveler’s requirements.



The period of validity of prices quoted is stated on travel documents and sent out to the customer. During this period, prices remain unchanged.

During the time of their validity, tariffs are only subject to change in a case of unforeseen circumstances, unpredictable at the time of the contract’s creation (circumstances may include, extreme variations of exchange rate, new taxes, increases in VAT, high increases in the price of transportation, etc). In rare cases such as this, a request of readjustment explaining the reasons for the changes will be send by Vietlanddiscovery Travel to the customer, who will be in a position to accept or refuse the new tariff. Should the customer choose to refuse, Vietlanddiscovery Travel will refund the price of the trip in full (minus bank charges).



On choosing to purchase a tour from Vietlanddiscovery Travel, the traveler must confirm their decision with the agent in charge of their file, specifying the tour plan of their choice.

The traveler should then complete the reservation form and send it back to Vietlanddiscovery Travel.Vietlanddiscovery Travel at this point will proceed in making reservations on all services planned in the itinerary and in the event of unavailability Vietlanddiscovery Travel will seek alternative arrangements.

Once each service has been reserved and the tour package itinerary has been finalized, Vietlanddiscovery Travel will send the program to the traveler. The traveler must then pay a deposit of 25% of the tour price, payable to the traveler’s agent.

In certain circumstances (such as in case of last minute reservations, high season or limited supply of airline tickets), Vietlanddiscovery Travel may ask for a deposit higher than 25%.

Vietnam tours

With the exception of circumstances in which the traveler has made a prior arrangement with their agent, Vietlanddiscovery Travel reserves the right to cancel all reservations on tours where the traveler has failed to provided a deposit within 15 days of the receipt of the final program. The order will then be considered cancelled by the traveler and void, and the clause mentioned in the paragraph 7.a. will be applicable.



Unless otherwise indicated by Vietlanddiscovery Travel, the traveler is required to pay the balance at the beginning of the trip (or beforehand).

It is also acceptable, should the traveler wish to pay the balance any time prior to the commencement of their trip.

Should the traveler fail to pay the balance on commencement of their trip, the program will be treated as cancelled by the traveler and void, and the clause mentioned in the paragraph 7.a. will be applicable.



a. Changes by the traveler

The traveler is free to request changes to the program at any time they choose (changes may be subject to additional charges). Vietlanddiscovery Travel will do everything necessary to assist in such circumstances.

Changes to the date of commencement of the program are regarded as a change made by the traveler.

A reduction in the number of travelers is not considered as a change; however there may be application of annulment penalties and the price for the remaining travelers will be increased.


b. Changes made by Vietlanddiscovery Travel

Vietlanddiscovery Travel reserves the right to alter services provided in the final program in the following cases:

  • The change is justified by an extreme, unexpected event. In cases such as these, prices may or may not change.
  • The changes are compulsory in order to insure the security of the traveler or/and the quality of the tour. In these cases, additional costs are covered by Vietlanddiscovery Travel.



c. Cancellation by the traveler

In all cases of cancellation, the traveler is obliged to pay cancellation penalties, corresponding to the scale below:

  • 10% of the tour price, in cases where Vietlanddiscovery Travel have received notification of cancellation 30 days or more prior to the beginning of the trip;
  • 15% of the tour price, in cases where Vietlanddiscovery Travel have received notification of cancellation 15 to 30 days prior to the beginning of the tour.
  • 20% of the tour price, in cases where Vietlanddiscovery Travel have received notification of cancellation 8 to 14 days prior to the beginning of the tour.
  • 25% of the tour price, in cases where Vietlanddiscovery Travel have received notification of cancellation 7 days prior to the beginning of the tour.

In case of cancellation to a tour that has already been subject to a date change by the customer, penalties will be 25% of the tour price, whatever the period of cancellation.

If the cancellation is made before the deposit is paid, a bill will be sent to the traveler, who will be obliged to pay penalties according to the conditions cited above and written on the pro forma accepted by the traveler.

Should the traveler cancel a tour after the deposit is paid, penalties will be deducted prior to reimbursement. Vietlanddiscovery Travel will then reimburse the traveler with the remaining amount, if applicable, by bank transfer; the traveler is obliged to cover all the bank fees.


d. Cancellation by Vietlanddiscovery Travel

In extreme circumstances, Vietlanddiscovery Travel reserves the right to cancel the tour or any part of it. Circumstances to this effect would include unpredictable, unavoidable events, making the tour impossible or dangerous for the traveler, such as war, or threat of war, rioting, acts of God, nuclear disasters, blockades, devastation, fire, terrorism, extreme weather, epidemics, quarantine, etc.

In all cases of cancellation, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is obliged to reimburse all members of the tour after deduction (where applicable) of cancellation costs of hotels, airlines and other booked services. Bank fees are covered by the traveler.



Prior to the commencement of the trip, it is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that all the below requirements are met:

  • Valid Passport
  • Good Physical condition – vaccinations, preventive treatments etc
  • Visas – Compulsory for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Should the traveler require it, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is prepared to assist in visa acquisition.

Persons taking part in a Vietlanddiscovery Travel tour are expected to have acquired international travel insurance covering a minimum of medical costs and repatriation. Agents and airline ticket vendors will usually recommend this level of insurance. The traveler is obliged to communicate all insurance details with Vietlanddiscovery Travel prior to commencement of the tour.

During the course of the trip, the traveler must respect any rules and regulations laid down by their Vietlanddiscovery Travel tour guide. Any rules put in place are to ensure the safety and security of the traveler as well as the quality of the tour program.

In the case of an unforeseen event requiring insurance intervention, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is committed to providing the traveler with all required assistance. Vietlanddiscovery Travel will do all possible to assist with administrative papers, local authorities and the insurance company.



Vietlanddiscovery Travel is committed to providing the traveler with all the services agreed and written in the tour program.

The traveler will be responsible for their own actions; any activities not included in the tour program, or any violation of local civil law is the traveler’s full responsibility.

Any cancellations due to a breach of the law on the part of the traveler will disable to the client’s right to any refund from Vietlanddiscovery Travel.

Vietlanddiscovery Travel is responsible as an intermediary between the traveler and any services provided (airlines, hotels, carriers, restaurants, boats, etc). Vietlanddiscovery Travel is thereby committed to insure the quality of services provided. However, Vietlanddiscovery Travel cannot be held responsible for aforementioned service providers, which are responsible for themselves. In the event of extreme events, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is dissolved of responsibility.



Vietlanddiscovery Travel is not obliged to reimburse services which have not been used by the traveler. Nevertheless, in the case of events related to health issues of the traveler, Vietlanddiscovery Travel is committed to doing our best to reimburse part or all of the costs of the cancelled services to the traveler.



Serious complaints regarding the quality of service provided by Vietlanddiscovery Travel must be done in writing and sent to Vietlanddiscovery Travel within 20 days from the end of the tour.

However problems can usually be resolved promptly and on the spot should the traveler inform Vietlanddiscovery Travel staff. In the rare event of such unfortunate circumstances, Vietlanddiscovery Travel will do everything in our power to provide the client with a satisfactory settlement.

In cases where Vietlanddiscovery Travel has given an indemnity to the traveler, the indemnity will not exceed the tour price invoiced. Full indemnity will only be applicable in serious circumstances, such as if the sequence of events has gone entirely wrong and the traveler got no satisfaction from the tour.

In all other cases, Vietlanddiscovery Travel reserve the right to offer compensation, or not, at our discretion.

In the highly unlikely event that an amicable arrangement cannot be made, the issue will be resolved in accordance with the civil law in the place of contract execution.



Vietlanddiscovery Travel accepts payment in Euros, American dollars or Vietnam Dong.


a.    Secured online payment

Travelers are able to pay by credit card via our secure online system (a 4% handling fee is applicable).


b.    Bank transfer

Bank transfer is also an accepted means of payment. Bank details will be provided during the period of contract creation. Bank transfer fees are determined by the traveler’s bank and Vietlanddiscovery Charges made by the client’s bank are payable by the client.


c.    Electronic payment terminal

Payment by credit card via an electronic payment terminal is only acceptable the remaining amount for the tour (not the deposit). Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club are accepted. The payment can be made directly to Vietlanddiscovery Travel’s agent in Hanoi (bank fees are charged to the traveler). Fees are usually in the region of 3% with Visa and MasterCard, 3.3% for de JCB and Diners club and 4% for American express.


 d.    Cash Payment

The traveler may wish to pay by cash. This can be done at Vietlanddiscovery Travel’s office or via a Vietlanddiscovery Travel representative. Cash payments are not subject to fees.


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